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I started my journey as Santa Clause in the most unlikeliest of places - Wal-Mart.  I was shopping with my wonderful wife in early November.  At that time, my beard was not as white or as long, and I was wearing my normal big brimmed hat.

We turned the corner of an isle and a small child pointed at me and said to her mom: “MMMooommm, SSSSanta!”  Her mom looked very embarrassed and apologized, I smiled and said that’s ok.

Before I left the store that day, I picked up a red Santa hat and started a whole new chapter in my life as Santa.

My beard is much longer now, and very white.  I carry a coin purse with me with “I was caught being good” coins wherever I go. 

I love making a child’s day when the look at me and I can tell they are thinking – is that Santa?  Then they almost always ask whoever they are with if that is Santa.  By this time I will go up to them and hand them a coin and tell them “sssshhhhh” with my finger over my mouth.  The smile and realization they just met Santa is worth it.

Merry Christmas
Santa John

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