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for your Santa visit

1.        ALWAYS address Santa as Santa!

2.        Make sure that all your cameras and video equipment are charged and ready to go.

3.        If you have gifts or items to be handed out, Santa is more than happy to do so. Please have gifts well marked with printed names that are well taped to the package and a helper to get the presents out of the bag.  The presents should be placed in a bag outside so Santa can bring them in with him if at all possible.  The exact details should be worked out prior to arrival.

4.        Make sure that everyone is there prior to Santa arriving. You can arrange to have Santa call you when he is 5 minutes away, so that you can get everyone ready.

5.        Have a sturdy chair for Santa to sit in. A straight back dining room style chair without arms is a perfect choice. Please nothing with wheels!

6.        Place this chair near your tree or wherever you want so as to get a nice background for the pictures. Leave enough room for people to also stand behind the chair.

7.        Santa also prefers NOT to be around cigarette or other smoke as it smells up his suit for other visits.

8.        When payment is due, please place it inside of a Christmas card or an envelope. It does not look appropriate for Santa to be handed cash. When Santa is ready to leave simply say something like “Thank You Santa, and here is a Christmas card from us that we wanted you to have.”

9.        Please call / text Santa John about any concerns you may have over masks.

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